Model "C" manually operated projection screens are ideal for classrooms, clubs and healthcare facilitieis. Available in Square, HDTV (16:9), Wide (16:10) and Video (4:3) format.

  • Seamless surfaces

  • Standard white powder-coated finish; available in black or veneer upon request

  • Quiet, controlled screen return to case

  • Includes pull cord

  • Optional floating mount brackets for wall or ceiling stud installation that can be aligned left or right. Veneer finish can also be added to the bracket.


   High Contrast Matte White

      Half Angle: 50°        Gain: 1.1

       High Contrast Matte White is a fiberglass surface with a gray base for                    deeper reproductions of black, which improves contrast. It is for non high-            definition projection and environments with moderate ambient light.                      Available in any width up to 10' in height.

      High Contrast Matte White can be cleaned with mild soap and water, is                 flame retardant and mildew resistant.

   Matte White

      Half Angle: 60°       Gain: 1.0

       Matte White is a fiberglass surface for non high-definition                      projection and environments with controllable ambient light that            preserves color as well as black and white images. Seamless sizes            vary by product. 

       Matte White can be cleaned with mild soap and water, is flame              retardant and mildew resistant.

Screen Surfaces

   Video Spectra 1.5

      Half Angle: 35°        Gain: 1.5

       Video Spectra 1.5 is a fiberglass surface with a reflective coating for        lower output non high-definition projectors. It offers increased                brightness with a reduced viewing angle. Suitable for uncontrolled            ambient light. Available in any width up to 8' in height. 

       Video Spectra 1.5 can be cleaned with mild soap and water, is flame        retardant and mildew resistant.

Part Numbers & Pricing

Model C – 16:9 HDTV Format



Mounting & Extension Brackets_White
Mounting & Extension Brackets_White

These brackets are used to extend the screen from the wall to avoid obstacles such as chalkboards.

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Red Laser Pointer
Red Laser Pointer

Red laser pointer for presentations. SKU: 79899

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Green Laser Pointer
Green Laser Pointer

Green laser pointer for presentations in bright rooms or in rear projection settings where a red laser may not work as well. SKU: 35246

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Tilt Lock
Tilt Lock

Eliminates keystoning when screen is tied back to removable hook which is magnetically attached to metal mounting plate with adhesive back.

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Pull Rod
Pull Rod

38" Pull Rod for accessing screens mounted out of reach.

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